Квест-туризм Краснодар

Play all of Krasnodar’s five quests and the «Voice of the City» will answer you!

What is quest tourism?
Don’t we all dream about a journey packed with riveting adventures?
We all do! But how can one find a good quest now — without traveling far, facing trouble and discomfort, and the absence of hot water?
What if there is the answer right here, and tons of exciting quests are available in the next big city? Unbelievable, you say? Then you must have heard nothing about quest tourism, an all new travel concept that is growing increasingly popular. It’s as simple as this: you hit a new town and complete all of the cool local quests — just fill yourself to the brim with new impressions.
For instance, in Krasnodar, you will visit the thoroughly reconstructed School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, challenge the Dark Lord, make your way out the grim cellar and deadly freezer, highjack a warplane, and escape the certain execution… The very list of these quests takes your breath away, but if you experience them all, you will have great stories to tell your great-grandkids!

Listen to the «Voice of the City»
Incidentally, the quest tourists who are planning to visit Krasnodar on their way will have a nice bonus in store for them. If you book all of Krasnodar’s five quests, we will present to each team player a ticket to «Voice of the City»: — a promenade show, where streets and lanes are the stage set, and you are the lead character.

The nonlinear story is packed in the thoroughly orchestrated two-hour route of the promenade show. You will research not only the entire space of the city, but also time that runs through it. You will plunge into the past, enjoy a glimpse of the future and get back to witness the evasive changes of the present. The city has a lot more to say than you imagine. The main challenge is to be able to listen to its voice.