Фотография квеста «One Hour Before Execution»
карантин до 05.06 UP TO 5 PLAYERS

One Hour Before Execution

The price is stated per team 4 players. Supplement for 5 player - 500 ₽

Age limitations: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ years old without them
The year is 1979. You are being held in a KGB detention facility. You are accused of treason and there is no hope for appeal. In an hour you will be executed. However, you still have a chance to save yourself. The careless guard who is supposed to look after you has left his watch. What will you do: wait patiently for your fate or run for your life?

В связи с карантином сеансы в этом квесте доступны только с 5 июня. Выберите подходящую дату в расписании или купите игру в виде сертификата, чтобы пройти квест в любое время.

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